We crave sweets for a number of reasons. First of all, according to American Dietetic Association spokeswoman and dietician, Christine Gerbstadt, our first preference as babies is a sweet taste. Furthermore, eating carbohydrates like sugar releases serotonin in our brains, making us feel good and re laxed.

There’s a biological reason that we go for chocolate and ice cream when we’re feeling depressed. It makes us feel better in that moment. Of course, if you overindulge in the sweet stuff, we always end up feeling worse in the end. So how do you curb a sugar craving the healthy way?

Replace It with Healthy Snacks

If you’re craving sweets and desserts, there are a few foods that you can substitute in to fulfil that sweet tooth without breaking your diet or spiking your blood sugar. Keep pieces of fruit, like apples, oranges, pineapple, and berries with you when you go to work or out to run errands.

If your weakness is ice cream, take some Greek yoghurt, mix and mash in some fruit and honey, then put it in the freezer. When you get that ice cream craving, you’ll have a healthy snack that feels like a dessert!

When you feel like munching on some candy, go for dried fruit instead. You can even get yoghurt-covered versions of these dried fruits for added nutrients when you’re satisfying that sweet tooth.

Cold Turkey

For some people, substituting other foods for candies and desserts just doesn’t work. Oddly enough, for these people, going cold turkey often works very well. The first two or three days can be difficultwhen you’re breaking your simple sugar addiction, but after that, you’ll notice that your cravings dissipate.

One of the best things to do, if this sounds like you, is to take a walk when you feel a craving. If you’re feeling the pull of the snack machine or the candy aisle, turn around and walk the other way. Sometimes, this simple act can set your mind straight. At times like these, you might want to eat something with some honey or agave nectar in it or one of those fruit snacks mentioned above.


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