It’s normal to want to look and feel your best for your wedding. After all, everybody’s eyes are going to be on you as you walk down that aisle, and your photos are going to be hung on your walls for the rest of your life! Of course, you’re bound to look beautiful and happy on your wedding day no matter what you weigh, but for many of us, losing those stubborn last few kilos of extra weight can give us the confidence to feel our very best on our big day.

To help you, we have some tips on the best way to lose weight healthily – no fad diets, starvation tactics or obsessive exercising to be seen!

Drink plenty of water

Most of the population doesn’t drink enough water. It is easy to mistake thirst for hunger and overeat, so upping your water intake is a quick way to correct your overeating and lose weight. Aim for at least two litres a day – more if you can. If you can’t stomach plain water, add some fruit for flavour. Slices of lemon, lime, orange or strawberry can really liven your water up, or how about adding some mint for a really refreshing drink? We’d advise you stay away from cordials as much as possible as they tend to be far too sugary! As a bonus, all that water will be great for your skin so you’ll be glowing on your big day!

Eat high protein meals and snacks more frequently

Protein takes more energy to digest and keeps you full for longer so is a great nutrient to prevent you from overeating. Fill your plate with lean chicken, salmon or tofu and add plenty of green vegetables to your plate to keep you energised. It’s also a good idea to swap from a traditional three-meal eating habit to eating five or six smaller portions spread throughout the day. This prevents you from getting too hungry and overeating at your next meal time.

Weight train

Add some weightlifting to your exercise routine. Building muscle will raise your body’s basal metabolic rate which means you’ll burn off more calories day-to- day than normally. On top of that, by adding more muscle to your frame you’ll look leaner and more defined. Don’t listen to the rumours that weight training makes you bulky – it simply isn’t true!

Move more

If you want to burn more calories, you need to move more. It’s that simple. If you’re pretty sedentary through the day, buy a pedometer watch that reminds you to move frequently and set yourself a step goal. Squeeze in an extra walk round the block on your lunch break or park your car further away – anything to get your step count higher – and you’ll soon see the result on the scales. If you tend to be pretty active throughout the day, consider joining a morning or evening
spin class or a run to burn off some more calories!

Stick to wholefoods

When you’re planning your meals and snacks, stick to whole foods rather than artificial ingredients. Fruit and vegetables will do your body more good than a chocolate bar. If a piece of food has more than one ingredient, step away and look for something more simple!

Visualise yourself on your wedding day

If you feel your motivation levels start to fall, just visualise how you want to look on your wedding day for a quick boost of morale!

Don’t restrict yourself!

Finally, don’t completely restrict yourself. If you want ice cream, allow yourself a scoop. By cutting out treats altogether, you’re likely to make yourself crave them all the more and eventually binge and put yourself right back to square one! Remember life is for enjoying, not for limiting!

Losing weight for your wedding will be the easy part – the hard part will be keeping the weight off after the wedding! A tip to keep yourself at your ideal weight is to have your wedding dress professionally cleaned so it lasts and bring it out on your anniversary each year to make sure it still fits.

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