benefits for buying healthy snacks in bulkDid you know that healthy snacks can have more uses than being a snack? Yup, that’s right! The dictionary defines a snack as “a small portion of food or drink or a light meal, especially one eaten between regular meals”. So snacks are actually meals, just small ones – and there’s actually a number of reasons why you will benefit from buying snacks in bulk!

Buying healthy snacks in bulk will help you stay organised

  • Imagine feeling organised and practical by having healthy snacks available whenever you need them? You’re a rockstar!
  • Keep them in your pantry, office drawer, car, handbag or gym bag so you always have them handy, and won’t be rushing to buy an expensive bar of chocolate when you’re starving.

You will save money by buying healthy snacks in bulk

Wow! You could actually save 10-20% when you buy snacks in bulk compared to buying them individually.

Healthy Snacks can be used for other purposes



  • Why not have an extra healthy snack by adding crispy Edamame, Green Peas, Mushrooms or Broccoli to any salad! You’ll look forward to being healthy by adding a pop of colour or an extra twist of crunch to this delicious veggie dish.


  • Use Freeze dried fruit as appetisers, eg. Mango sprinkled over brie, mozzarella, or goat cheese. Delicious! Or you can try Strawberries with blue cheese, cream cheese or walnuts. Yes please! Find more fruit flavour combinations here
  • In a rush? Simply open a packet of vege crackers, they’re just as crunchy as chips but healthier!
  • Crackers can be consumed on their own or with dips, cheese, salsa or olives.

Sandwiches and Burgers


Freeze-dried fruit can be used for baking instead of fresh fruit. Just make sure to add extra butter or cream since dried fruits need more moisture. And, if you require a small amount of nuts or nut mixes for baking, simply grab a packet of sweet nut mix – your pies and pastries will thank you!


  • Are you having vegetable soup for dinner? Crush up crispy Mushrooms or Broccoli, and use them as topping for better taste and an unexpected crunch. Trust us, it’s scrumptious!
  • Don’t stop there! You can also sprinkle Veggie Crisps onto your microwaved or roasted vegetables for colour, nutrition and crunch. Yum!

Have Unexpected Guests Just Arrived?

Seeing as you are organised, and you have snacks in your pantry, you don’t have to rush to the shop, just open up Oat Slices and put them out on the plates for an afternoon tea. Your guests will be so impressed.


So there you have it, just a few ways that buying snacks in bulk can benefit you! Not only will you be organised and ready for all occasions from unexpected guests to appointments that run late, but you’ll have actually saved money doing so – and you’ll never go hungry again!

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