Check a variety of healthy snacks to buy – now available for sale in individual packets

happy new year from just snacksWe hope your New Year’s resolution was to be healthy – right? The good news is that it is now possible to buy a variety of healthy snacks that also taste good! I remember the time about 7 – 8 years ago when gluten-free snacks tasted like paper!

Some more good news is that at Just Snacks we are now offering many healthy snacks for purchase in individual packets in addition to boxes so that you can try them first, and then buy in bulk. There are a number of benefits for buying healthy snacks in bulk for work, school or travel. Healthy snacks can also have more uses than being a snack and can be used for other purposes.

Which variety of healthy snacks to buy? You can search by:

Preference: VeganMade in AustraliaGluten-freeDairy-free, Nut-free or No Added Sugar snacks.

Taste: Snack Bars and Bliss BallsBiscuits and Oat Slices, Fruit, Vegetable or Coconut Snacks, Beef JerkyCrackersChips or Nut Mixes.

Brand:  Carman’sPiranha, Local Legends JerkyDJ&A and J.C. Foods.

Religious requirementsHalal or Kosher

Many people buy freeze-dried fruit as healthy snacks because of their high nutritional value and crispy texture. Freeze-dried fruit can also be used for baking, as toppings or add to your shakes. Read more about the freeze-drying process, history, benefits, uses and combinations.

Do you graze on healthy snacks during the day? It is recommended that you do to keep your blood sugar levels even and your metabolism engaged.

With a large variety of healthy snacks to buy from Just Snacks, you will certainly find some great snacks that you will love!


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