At Just Snacks, we only sell products that are free from preservatives, artificial colours and flavours.

Preservatives are used by manufacturers to extend shelf lives, flavours to enhance product’s taste and colours to enhance product’s look.

So natural snacks without synthetic additives may not look as good or they may not taste as you would expect them to taste, especially vegetable snacks, but most importantly, their shelf lives are considerably shorter.

Shelf life means that over certain period of time either bacteria may develop; or texture may change, eg crispy snacks may become softer or soft snacks may become harder; or taste may change.

Healthy snacks manufacturers generally shorten already short shelf lives so that customers will get the best tasting products and long before bacteria may develop.

Best Before (or Best By) means that a product can be consumed after specified date but may not taste the same. Used By means that a product cannot be consumed after specified date, eg milk or eggs.

Snacks that we sell have generally have 6 – 18 months shelf lives stamped on the packaging with freeze dried fruit snacks up to 2 years. Snacks with lower moisture content, eg Freeze Dried Fruit and Beef Jerky have longer shelf lives. Snacks with higher moisture content, eg Oat Slices and Protein Balls have shorter shelf lives.

We do not sell products once they pass Best Before so we withdraw them from sale 10 days before their Best By date. All Best Before dates are published in Product Description section.