Adding Powder Maca Powder to Your Snacks To Make It Healthier

Since thousands of years Maca powder has been used as an aphrodisiac in many cultures, however, the demand of maca has considerably increased because of the rise in consciousness about its role in one’s personal well being. Recent researches have certified this natural herb as a superfood that can have multiple benefits on the body. You can buy Maca Powder online on

What is Maca powder?

Maca is a sweet root vegetable that is found in the parts of South America, it has been used to boost fertility for thousands of years and now there is scientific evidence that supports ancient claims.

Maca powder is also known as “The Peruvian Viagra” because it is found in abundance on the mountains of central Peru. Animal studies found that Maca powder increased the libido and erectile function in mice and rats, and many studies conducted on humans reported that participants experience an increase in sexual desire and testosterone levels.

The main edible part of the plant is its roots, which is generally sun-dried and consumed in form of powder. Many companies are furnishing this powder in form of capsules and liquid as a herbal remedy.

Maca Powder Benefits

Maca is a powerful herb that has been found to be beneficial for the body in different ways.

Increase in libido

One of the top reasons in the sudden rise in demand for maca powder is its benefits on sexual desires. Although people from South America region were aware of the benefits of consuming maca powder the internet played a big role in spreading this benefit around to globe. Many studies stated that maca powder is an effective remedy to low libido.

Fights erectile dysfunction

Maca roots have positive effects on people with erectile dysfunction.  Volunteers who were given maca root powder were found to have higher sexual desires and were able to achieve better erections. Additionally, the cause of better erection is maca’s positive effects on blood pressure and stress levels.

Spike in energy and endurance

Many professional athletes and bodybuilders were found to supplement themselves with the maca powder because of its positive effects on endurance and energy levels.

Improves fertility

Maca powder is proven to improve the fertility rate in men; a study has found that volunteers who consumed 3 grams of maca powder for 4 weeks of time had improved semen quality.

Elevates mood

Maca powder contains flavonoids, it is found to improve the stress levels and anxiety of people who consumed it. Maca is found especially beneficial to control the mood swings of women while on the menstrual cycle.

Regulates blood pressure

Clinical studies have also shown the effects of maca powder on the blood pressure, people who were suffering from high blood pressure found this herb to be effective in regulating the blood pressure. Maca relieves high blood pressure through lowering down the stress levels and the cholesterol levels that actually blocks the blood flow.

Fights free radicals

Consuming maca boost the levels of glutathione and superoxide, which help in fighting the free radicals from the body. The rise in natural antioxidants helps in neutralizing free radicals and prevention of many chronic diseases.

How to use Maca

Thanks to the growing popularity you are not required to outsource the maca directly from South America; most of the health stores have started bringing organic maca powders directly on your doorsteps.  Maca powder can be consumed in different ways. It can be taken as a supplement or can be added in your daily snacks, the taste of maca root goes well with the oatmeal, smoothies, energy bars, etc. The optimum dose of the maca powder ranges from 2 gram to 5 grams.

Dark Chocolate Maca powder Fruit Bites

A delicious recipe to amp your sex drive, include Dark chocolate, nuts, fruit, and maca powder in the recipe. Dark chocolate is also a natural aphrodisiac and helps in improving libido and enhances mood. While nuts will provide the essential fats, fruits will give the instant energy to the body.

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