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My name is Amelia Priest, and I am the founder of Just Snacks. I started Just Snacks in 2011 while I was homeschooling my children, and registered Just Snacks as an Australian company in April 2012. My son had behavioural and learning difficulties at that time that needed to be addressed with diet and vitamins. As we were attending various homeschooling workshops in Sydney, the need to have gluten and dairy free snacks with no added sugar that also tasted right arose, as there weren’t many choices available.

I then discovered Matt’s Munchies, premium fruit snacks made in the US from organic fruit puree and purchased some for personal use. We loved them so much that I approached the manufacturer to become their exclusive Australian distributor and promoter. However, the manufacturer of Matt’s Munchies was a small, family-run factory with limited production capacity, and they could only allocate a small number of products for an Australian market.

So I continued my search for more great snacks to add to my offering which was very challenging! One of the specifics of healthy snacks is that they don’t have preservatives which means they have a shorter shelf life then snacks with additives. Having pressure to sell snacks before they expire made me look for unique wholesale channels, as well as selling snacks online direct to consumers.

Over the years, Just Snacks has grown to service over 700 channels across Australia including hotels, universities, gyms, art galleries, fitness centres, vending machines, and more. The stock was relocated to the state of the art warehouse in Hillsdale, Sydney. A long way from running a small business from home! Oh, and the homeschooling stage has ended with both kids attending high school.

If you like to connect with us, whether you have any questions or comments, feel free to call 1300 480 255 or email us at admin@justsnacks.com.au

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