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My name is Amelia Priest and I am the founder of Just Snacks, a wholly owned Australian company.

I started Just Snacks in 2011 while I was homeschooling my children. My son had behavioural and learning difficulties that needed to be addressed with diet and vitamins. As we were attending various workshops in Sydney, the need to have gluten and dairy free snacks with no added sugar that also tasted good arose, as there wasn’t many choices available.

So I discovered Matt’s Munchies, premium fruit snacks made in the US from organic fruit puree and approached the manufacturer to become their exclusive Australian distributor and promoter. I launched them at the Sustain Show and Gluten Free Expo and was amazed by how well they were perceived by the Australian consumers! However, Chef Roberts, the manufacturer of Matt’s Munchies was a small, family run factory with limited production capacity at that time so they could only allocate a small amount of products for an Australian market.

So I continued my search for more great snacks to add to my offering which was very challenging! One of the specifics of healthy snacks is that they don’t have preservatives which means they have shorter shelf life then snacks with additives.

Having pressure to sell products before they expire made me look for more then one channel to sell them, so Just Snacks has become a multi-channel retailer focusing on one category and many distribution channels.

We are now leading Australian distributor/wholesaler to non-traditional channels, in other words, channels other then supermarkets, convenience stores and health food stores. We supply healthy snacks to universities, hotels, cafes, gyms, hairdressers, chiropractors, wellness centres, government and corporate organisations for events.


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